What’s Going on Here

I love adventures.  I think life should be full of adventures.  Mine has been so far and I am loathe to ever let that not be the case.  So I go and go and go, and I write about how my new adventure is going as I live it and categorize those posts as As I Go.  Sometimes I write random stuff that is not exactly on subject or current timeline, but is still true and just related to things going through my head; those posts are Off the Subject.  Every so often though, my life feels way too “normal,” and my brain entertains itself by making up stories, people, places, etc.  Those creations are filed under the Truly Fictional category, because though the stories are imagined, there are often kernels of truth, real situations or relationships, or pieces of my past adventures I have decided to build upon.

There is one idea that has been growing and growing for a while now, an entire adventure that appears in my head to be potentially full novel length in the end.  I began it here, but have moved The Sailing Adventure after post 4 to my other site Ink Stains on My Sheets for less confusion.   ( I need suggestions for a real title by the way).  The posts will have a number at the top so you can read them in order.  *Note: Kellerman Wainright aka Kelly is completely made up and any resemblance to a real person is purely coincidental.  Otherwise, names besides mine have been changed.

So you can read whatever you want; if you just want to know how the trip/life is progressing, I suggest you click the As I Go category and it will show you only that stuff.  If you need something grander to just help you escape a little, Try the Sailing Adventure.  There’s some hints so you don’t have to weed through my brambles of rambles, but maybe you like brambles… like raspberry brambles, those are particularly good ones…


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