New Home Port for the Sailing Adventure

With the Sailing Adventure getting off to an exciting start, but other adventures begging my “pen’s” attention as well, I realize things are starting to get a bit confusing here.  I also see this as a wonderful opportunity to resolve a problem I didn’t yet have a solution to.

My other blog Ink Stains On My Sheets was created with the intention of tracking my career life while I have struggled to find and survive “normal” jobs on my way to becoming a professional author.  Lately I haven’t known what to write in that blog though because I ditched the conventional world and took off to play on a ranch for the winter, with no major plans to return to the grind full time, hopefully ever.

Now that I am not working, in the traditional sense, and I am making real steps towards my dream,  having the transitioning the Sailing Adventure to Ink Stains On My Sheets is the answer to both problems.  This will not only untangle the Ink Stained Adventures, but help me visualize my progress towards my goals, which we all know the experts say is the only way to go.

Moving (this is not the actual boat)

To those of you who follow both blogs, first of all, thank you so much.  Your support means the world to me.  Second, please forgive the repeat of the Sailing Adventure posts 1-4 on Ink Stains on My Sheets.  I will keep the same titles, so you know when to pick back up again.  Ink Stained Adventures will have new posts to read though so you don’t get bored or forget me  🙂

To any of you who might only be following this blog, thank you just as much, and would love to have you join me at the other site as well as the Sailing Adventure takes off from it’s new home port.


Adventure Mulligan!

A year and a half ago (oh man that makes me cringe) I started a story because I was living a boring life.  I wanted, needed, to pretend I was having an adventure, since I wasn’t having a real one.  The story started as a whim, a random, laugh filled conversation with a friend at a pub (Thanks Ayo!!) and grew and grew and keeps growing in my head.

Well, somewhere between boredom, frustration, and the vampiric, creativity sucking, spirit killing “normal” life I was living, my words ran for the mental hills of my imagination and I only posted the first installment of what now looks to be potentially an entire novel!  I suck, like the Vampire Le-Status Quo.

But I changed my life and Voila! my adventure came sailing out of the wild blue yonder and into my shower!  (I think a lot in the shower, and the thoughts let me know whether it will be a writing day or a chores day.  Is there such a thing a shower muse?)  Winds blustering, sun shining, ideas crackling, I hadn’t lost the idea nor even an ounce of excitement about it!

So I’m calling “Mulligan!”  and starting the adventure again.

I'm pretending I have one of these right now!
DING!  (That’s me pressing the button. I’m pretending I have one of these right now)

My first post will be reposted tomorrow and I promise (myself as much as whoever reads this) that the story will continue this time.

(Thank you to any of you who forgive me and love me anyway for the unfulfilled, previous hype. xo)