New Home Port for the Sailing Adventure

With the Sailing Adventure getting off to an exciting start, but other adventures begging my “pen’s” attention as well, I realize things are starting to get a bit confusing here.  I also see this as a wonderful opportunity to resolve a problem I didn’t yet have a solution to.

My other blog Ink Stains On My Sheets was created with the intention of tracking my career life while I have struggled to find and survive “normal” jobs on my way to becoming a professional author.  Lately I haven’t known what to write in that blog though because I ditched the conventional world and took off to play on a ranch for the winter, with no major plans to return to the grind full time, hopefully ever.

Now that I am not working, in the traditional sense, and I am making real steps towards my dream,  having the transitioning the Sailing Adventure to Ink Stains On My Sheets is the answer to both problems.  This will not only untangle the Ink Stained Adventures, but help me visualize my progress towards my goals, which we all know the experts say is the only way to go.

Moving (this is not the actual boat)

To those of you who follow both blogs, first of all, thank you so much.  Your support means the world to me.  Second, please forgive the repeat of the Sailing Adventure posts 1-4 on Ink Stains on My Sheets.  I will keep the same titles, so you know when to pick back up again.  Ink Stained Adventures will have new posts to read though so you don’t get bored or forget me  🙂

To any of you who might only be following this blog, thank you just as much, and would love to have you join me at the other site as well as the Sailing Adventure takes off from it’s new home port.


Adventure Mulligan!

A year and a half ago (oh man that makes me cringe) I started a story because I was living a boring life.  I wanted, needed, to pretend I was having an adventure, since I wasn’t having a real one.  The story started as a whim, a random, laugh filled conversation with a friend at a pub (Thanks Ayo!!) and grew and grew and keeps growing in my head.

Well, somewhere between boredom, frustration, and the vampiric, creativity sucking, spirit killing “normal” life I was living, my words ran for the mental hills of my imagination and I only posted the first installment of what now looks to be potentially an entire novel!  I suck, like the Vampire Le-Status Quo.

But I changed my life and Voila! my adventure came sailing out of the wild blue yonder and into my shower!  (I think a lot in the shower, and the thoughts let me know whether it will be a writing day or a chores day.  Is there such a thing a shower muse?)  Winds blustering, sun shining, ideas crackling, I hadn’t lost the idea nor even an ounce of excitement about it!

So I’m calling “Mulligan!”  and starting the adventure again.

I'm pretending I have one of these right now!
DING!  (That’s me pressing the button. I’m pretending I have one of these right now)

My first post will be reposted tomorrow and I promise (myself as much as whoever reads this) that the story will continue this time.

(Thank you to any of you who forgive me and love me anyway for the unfulfilled, previous hype. xo)

I Wanna Go!

I received a notification in my email today:  Companion Wanted for Extended Caribbean Sailing Voyage

Despite the early hour (yes, sadly, I check my phone for emails every time I wake to pee after 6:30 am, a terrible habit), I was suddenly sunbeams-and-roosters awake. It was a notification from a craigslist auto-search, one that rarely spit up anything of real interest, obscure as I had made it.  But something about it, yes, ok, something more than the title and knowledge of just how obscure the search notification was (sail + voyage + Caribbean + all expenses paid) held my eyes open like Calvin’s toothpicks and had my heart beating and skin tingling like I had woken from the proverbial…um… flying dream.

I opened the full email and subsequently the full link and read a paragraph that had me scrambling for passport and packable clothes even while I tried to decipher the email time stamp through bleary eyes and remind myself I needed to actually respond (at the least) before getting too excited (too late!).

Companion wanted for extended Caribbean Sailing Voyage”

I have just finished refurbishing my 38″ sailboat and am ready to try her out on the “long haul.”  If you would like to join me on an extended, open-ended sailing voyage from North Carolina south to Miami and on to explore the Caribbean, I am in need of a companion for what looks to be a truly J. Buffett-style adventure.  I plan to leave within the month and will pay all onboard expenses for myself and my companion.  I just need someone easy-going, adaptable and who likes to laugh to share in this once-in-a-lifetime journey with me.

Oh My Proverbial G.

Yes please!!!

I responded.  Unfortunately I did so before having a cup of coffee and reminding myself to eloquently curb my enthusiasm (to lessen the fear of psychotic fervor one might develop from reading the emails I shoot off at times).  Yes, coffee actually lessens the intensity of my emails, contrary to logic, early in the morning.

“IIIIII WANNA GOOOOOO!!!!!!!”    is the gist of what I “sent from my Verizon phone, at 6:37 a.m. without spell/grammar/sanity checking.”

Crap.  Potentially decreased my chances at having someone look  forward to inviting me to spend months on end living daily within 38″ feet of him. Yet again, I wish there was a mulligan button on my phone.

Guess we’ll see what happens…

No Adventures…. New Adventure

I am not having any adventures.

I am not ok with this.

I thought there might be a possibility that “finding a home” would be pleasant and relaxing and I would be content.  I have either not yet found home, or I was wrong and I will never be content with being still…. or both….

I have been noticing my anxiety and fidgety tension increasing lately and realize it is due to the fact that I have been in this place, this apartment specifically, for almost a year now.  Though that comment has been met with disdain and what has felt like cold-shouldering scoffing recently, I know it to be true.  I am about 2 weeks out from my 1 year anniversary of moving to Fort Lauderdale and 6 weeks out from my 34th birthday.  I rarely last out a 1 year apt lease anywhere (in fact I am not sure I have done so more than once in 12 years, despite staying in the same general 30 mile texan radius for a little while) and I always set my “be married securely, and have a baby” limit at 34.  So having two of those semi-unconventional deadlines looming, on top of working a job that is good, but un-fulfilling both financially and emotionally, and being unsure if i truly LOVE South Florida, is sparking some serious introspection and intermittent twitching.

Don’t get me wrong, everyday life happens, I work, I go kayaking in manatee habitat canals, I get my heart bruised, I meet amazing new friends… I find new pubs in which to yammer-type…. but these are not adventures enough for me.

So it is time again for change. But I don’t know if change will mean adventures anytime in the near (3 month) future.  That makes me pretty crazy, I am noticing.  So I think I am going to invent one.  A true, totally fictional, story, to keep me busy and Un-grounded while I save my pennies and bravery for a real one.

I need something new to read and believe in… I hope this story turns out to be good…