Times are Rough, I’ve Got Too Much Stuff

Ahhhhh my favorite smell is in the air… Sure the coal stove is smoldering less frequently.  Yes spring is bringing on the buds of trees and new sprouting grass.  Granted the dogs gallop through the house spreading damp, muddy happiness from jumping in the unfrozen waterways.  And the sun is actually drying the clean laundry on the line within an afternoon.  But none of that compares to what is permeating my soul.  It’s the smell of a new adventure, of change on the wind that is truly filling me with joy.

New decisions have been made and I am preparing once again for a move.  It’s time to pack up and fly south once more to the land of palm trees and mangoes and sandy toes.  I am elated.

I am also bumping up against a series of adjustments needing to be made to my normal “off I go again” routine.  I has become we.   We have become a family of 4, 2 of which are giant “dangerous breed” dogs that not all places welcome with open hearts.  My family of 4 will become a family of 5 in less than 2 months when a tiny human will join our ranks outside of the quiet, easy-to-tote belly in which she currently travels.  Our tribe has a home which must be sold rather than merely un-leased.  And our home is full of too much stuff.

Boxes on boxes

Packing all I own into 2 bags and hopping on a plane or boarding Amtrak is not an option.  Nor is loading everything into the back of a pickup, covered in plastic wrap and duct tape.  Nope, now garage sales must be at least considered if not organized.  Freebies must be hauled out to the curb in hopes we don’t have to haul them any further.  Decisions must be made about exactly how many beds are worth hauling as opposed to replacing.  The list seems to go on and on and on.

How did I get this way?  And do I like it? At this moment the answer to the latter is no. There is no way I need all this stuff.  Is there?  I clearly made it almost 15 years of being an “adult” out on my own without it.  I suppose that changes as you “settle down.”  But I’m not sure it has to go to what feels like the extreme I am dealing with now.  Luckily the husband feels the same and has shared with me his hope to become more minimalistic in the future.

So now, rather than “nesting,” as my instincts are telling me to do, I shall purge everything I can, knowing more will come when I open all these boxes upon arriving in what is to be my next new home.  In my mind I will keep hold of the goal of eventually moving onto a sailboat…  That should at least keep me from adding to the clutter.  Right?


*note: Life quickly became overwhelming and this post has been completed and posted after the move occurred.  Hindsight is interesting.  More on that soon.


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